Redefining Breakfast

“When we made the decision to go gluten, dairy, sugar and grain free, my biggest challenge was breakfast. And then, just to make things really complicated, Miss 2 developed eczema and we had to go on a strict elimination diet to try to determine the triggers.

So, what can you eat for breakfast when you can’t have bread, cereal, nuts or eggs? The answer, as I’ve discovered, is veggies – and a little protein. It takes a little more preparation (although with a bit of forethought you can save heaps of time), but it means you can start the day knowing you’ve fuelled your body the best you can, and you’ve had a few serves of veggies without even trying. And let’s be honest, we could all benefit from eating more veggies.”… Read More Redefining Breakfast

Food Allergy Parent Interview

Anaphylaxis set in – this was something I had not seen before and had not expected to happen, the first dose of EpiPen did nothing and it took a second EpiPen dose to bring his breathing back to normal. It was very scary to watch my son go from well to unable to breath within a few minutes (15 minutes give or take) and I am very grateful that we were in such a controlled situation when that happened. … Read More Food Allergy Parent Interview

My journey as an allergy mum (the abridged version) and the birth of Mem & Maeve

{GUEST POST} My days were a blur- I monitored what I ate and how it affected her, whether she was more unsettled than expected for a newborn, what triggered her eczema flares, and inspecting her pooh. I couldn’t keep track of all the information I needed to collect and communicate to the doctors, so I developed a simple Symptom Tracker.… Read More My journey as an allergy mum (the abridged version) and the birth of Mem & Maeve