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Welcome to Little Foodie Guide!

Hi there, this is my first ever blog post for Little Foodie Guide.  Let me tell you what it’s all about.  It’s not the most innovative name, I know, but I wanted it to get right to the heart of the blog.  Parents are busy (and often sleep-deprived), and we don’t have the time or the inclination to decipher clever and cryptic names.  The intention and the content of this blog is what it says on the label.

The ‘Little’ part refers to our children from birth until…well, they’re not so little anymore and they’re making their own decisions and are less dependent on us.

The ‘Foodie’ part is pretty obvious – the word is thrown around everywhere, and it’s actually a word that I was reluctant to use in my blog name since it is so prolific and perhaps somewhat annoying. So, why would I use it? Because again, it makes it clear what this is all about. You can expect that there will be recipes in abundance as well as tried and tested tips in helping to create little foodies. That’s all we can hope for in our children – a love and passion for real food. I certainly want this for my son anyway, and from talking to so many other parents and hearing their frustrations, I know I’m not alone in this objective.

Which leaves us with the ‘Guide’ part.  I’m all too aware that social media is flooded with parents sharing photos of their beautiful and healthy creations they’ve made for their kids – which is wonderful and I love to see other people as enthusiastic as I am about giving children real food – but it meant that I needed to give my blog a slightly different slant. A little point of difference. My professional background is not only in cooking for and feeding many children for over 16 years as a career nanny, but I also completed (and am continuously studying) numerous children’s nutrition courses and a degree in Psychology.  Therefore, as well as incredibly simple and healthy real food recipes, I’m going to provide an extensive guide for parents who are on the journey to raising happy and healthy eaters.

You will find here, among many things…

  • Resources, products, and tips for introducing solids
  • A focus on how each developmental stage affects feeding
  • The relationship between sleep and eating
  • Nutrition facts
  • Allergy information and where to go for help
  • Earth and money saving tricks in the kitchen
  • Healthy party food ideas
  • How to get the kids into the kitchen
  • Fussy eating support
  • Lunchbox ideas


I’m unbelievably excited to get started!

On top of all of this, I want to start a private virtual Little Foodie Guide group so that we can get together and share recipes and tips, or vent about our little cherubs throwing the meal across the room that we just cooked with love. I can guarantee someone else’s child is going through the exact same thing with feeding as we are, and be assured that it’s mostly just normal developmentally-appropriate behaviour.  It can be a lonely and frightening experience for a lot of us when we start having kids and we’re left entirely and solely responsible for their health and well-being. Some of us don’t even enjoy cooking or know where to start with cooking for kids. Sure, it’s like I’ve had at least 50 children of my own, but I’m only one person and I don’t know it all, so I want this to be a place where we can share our challenges and wins together. No judgements, just support.

So, now you know what this blog is about, let’s all share this journey in raising healthy and happy little foodies.

Kara x


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    • Thanks for visiting my new site, Gina!! I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it and find some useful tips and recipes for your toddler – they are a contrary bunch…but that’s their prerogative 😉. Hit and miss regarding food is totally normal as they assert themselves and push the boundaries. Stay tuned as we explore this stage of development and how it impacts eating habits…Kara x

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