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10 healthy no-bake sweet treats

10 healthy no-bake sweet treats

How do you feel about baking?

I’d personally rather eat a bunch of raw kale. I don’t really have a sweet tooth though, so the pleasure of eating home-baked goods doesn’t justify the immense effort that goes into it.

There’s the measuring, the countless number of steps, the precision, the mountain of dishes it uses, the concentration required, the time, and the testing to see if it’s cooked through but not really being totally convinced whether it is or not.

The self-doubt, the anxiety, the stress, the fear of failure…it’s all right there in that little slice of cake!

Oh, and then there’s the waiting for it to cool before you get to carry out another ten steps to make it attractive or edible in the eyes of the kids.

Baking is supposed to be enjoyable though, right? And we should be getting the kids into the kitchen more. Please convince me in the comments below why you don’t find it as torturous I do.

You won’t find many baking recipes on Little Foodie Guide obviously, but what you do often find are no-bake recipes. Well, they’re more ideas than recipes, since I like to go ‘off-road’ in the kitchen, and improvise almost everything I make. Experimenting, I think, is what makes being in the kitchen fun.

That’s why I’ve asked for help from some of my favourite healthy food bloggers. They’ve been kind enough to let me share some of their beautiful and simple no-bake sweet treat recipes. As a little gesture of thanks, please head to their blogs and social media handles to give them some love. I know you’ll be inspired by their wonderful family-friendly recipes and tips.

The following ten recipes all make the perfect afternoon tea for the little ones (I’ve made a note for the ages they’re suitable for). Since they’re no-bake, most of these ideas are probably more suited to sunny days…but hey, if your children are anything like mine is, they will generally eat cold food in any weather.

These recipes are not only delicious, fun, colourful, and really easy to make, but they pack a nutritious punch – they’re sustaining enough to keep the kids going until dinner time. The less snacks we have to give them, the easier our lives are, and the more likely they’ll be to come to the dinner table actually hungry.

Let’s get on with it then. Happy non-baking!

Hazelnut Chocolate TrufflesMy Petite Pantry

my petite pantry

Suitable for: toddlers and onwards

Laura from My Petite Pantry creates beautiful food for her daughter, who has has food allergies, intolerances, and gut issues. You’ll find recipes that are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, toddler-friendly, and paleo.

well nourished

Suitable for: the whole family, including babies

Georgia from Well Nourished is a naturopath, freestyle cook, and mother of two. She provides a simple, common sense guide to the basics of how to eat well and be well. No fads; just real food and simple recipes, for real life and optimal health.

Energy Bites – Cat’s Kitchen Blog


Suitable for: toddlers and onwards

Cat from Cat’s Kitchen Blog is currently in a dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. She is passionate about wholesome, delicious, and affordable eating.

Simple Tropical Smoothie – The Healthy Little B


Suitable for: the whole family, including babies

Kim from The Healthy Little B is a wife, mother and qualified clinical nutritionist. She knows all too well about creating healthy families.  Having further studied childhood nutrition, keeping her family happy and healthy is what she was born to do!

Smoothie Popsicles – Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies


Suitable for: the whole family, including babies

Caroline from Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies is a mum to three “clean little tummies”, and long-time food lover. Life is hectic as a family of five, but she believes in inspiring and educating others to create interesting meals and snacks which encourage healthy eating.

Dessert Cubes – The Little Ones Chef


Suitable for: the whole family, but teething babies will especially love these

Mari from The Little Ones Chef is a passionate chef who makes nutritious meals for her daughter. Her objective with her blog is to assist people in preparing good, tasty, and healthy meals for their babies and toddlers in an efficient and time saving manner.

Chocolate Crackles – Staying Home with Love


Suitable for: toddlers and onwards

Abbey of Staying Home with Love is a mummy to two, whose motto is Eat, Play, Love. She shares lovely insights into her days as a mum.

Watermelon Popsicles – Riverfordherts


Suitable for: the whole family

David & Emma from Riverfordherts are a really passionate set of individuals delivering the finest Riverford Organic produce in and around West & Central Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. You don’t have to live locally, though, to enjoy their nutritious recipes, tips, and beautiful images of colourful home-grown seasonal produce.

Frozen Yoghurt and Muesli Cups – Our Little Table


Nicola of Our Little Table is a mum and teacher. Through her Instagram page, she shares her beautiful quick and easy healthy family food inspiration.

Raw Cookies – Little Foodie Guide

Raw chocolate cookies

Suitable for: toddlers and onwards

Raw banana and cashew cookies

Suitable for: babies and onwards

Head to my Instagram page for more no-bake ideas. You might also like my post on making your own raw chocolate, as well as another afternoon tea idea here and why we don’t do snacking, but rather eat four nutritious meals – it’s the French approach that I’m very much influenced by.

Tell me what your family do, and please share your favourite afternoon tea recipes.

Kara x

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