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Christmas gift ideas for your little foodies and mini chefs

Christmas gift ideas for your little foodies and mini chefs

Christmas is coming around way too quickly this year. For me, it could have something to do with the fact that our family is expecting a pretty wonderful gift: a little baby boy! Needless to say, our Christmas will be very quiet. Either we’ll have a tiny newborn, or I’ll be in hospital…or perhaps even still waiting for him to arrive (please don’t be a 40 degree Aussie Christmas!!).

So, have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I certainly haven’t, but there is still time. It’s always hard coming up with Christmas gift ideas for the kids, particularly ones that tick all of these boxes:

  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bought online

I know I don’t want to give presents to Little Foodie that only have one use, or that he’ll play with for a mere five minutes before becoming landfill. Food-related gifts are wonderful because they encourage:

  1. Good eating habits. Kids who are in the kitchen with you, helping to either cook or prepare a meal, are more likely to want to try something new. While cutting up vegetables, they might just pick one up to smell it or lick it when they wouldn’t if they were at the table, sensing the pressure to try something.
  2. Boost confidence. Kids seeing the pizza they helped to make, or the fruit salad they chopped the fruit up for, will gain a sense of accomplishment. Giving them praise or naming a dish after them will make them feel special.
  3. New cooking skills. Watching them progress from observing you cook, to mixing the ingredients, to pouring and measuring them, to cutting up vegetables, is such a lovely thing to experience. They’ll take these important life skills with them into adulthood.
  4. A natural curiosity and love of food. Children are naturally inquisitive about the world around them. They’re like little scientists wanting to test out everything, to test cause and effect, and to experience life with all of their senses. Showing them all the ways in which food is interesting and colourful away from the table nurtures this curiosity.
  5. Independence. From quite a young age, children start to show signs of wanting to assert themselves, and to prove that they can do things on their own. Giving them their own knife to chop up vegetables, or a small water jug to pour their own drinks satisfies these needs for autonomy, therefore reducing power struggles particularly at mealtimes.
  6. Literacy and numeracy skills. Reading books about food to kids enhances their reading skills and expands their vocabulary. Chatting with them while following recipes together teaches them about quantities.
  7. Most importantly, they’ll have fun. Making food fun is the main objective here. Our priority should be to remove the pressure and stress surrounding eating, and just let go and enjoy cooking it, playing with it, experiencing it, discussing it, and of course, eating it together.

Here are some fantastic gift ideas that you might like to put on the list for Santa. You’ll discover books to inspire kids to eat a rainbow, and gift ideas for budding little chefs. All of these gifts can be ordered online, so get in while there’s still time, and reduce that festive anxiety. I’ve got your backs, parents, there’s absolutely no need to traipse around the busy shops at the last minute. Just sit back with a coffee, and order from here.

(This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a product through these links, your cost will be the same but I will receive a small commission to help with the operating costs of this blog. I only link to products I personally love. Thanks for your kind support!)

Books to inspire kids to eat a rainbow

WHATS_GROWINGWhat’s Growing? (AUD$15.95)

Can you guess the colourful vegetables growing on each page? What helps you to grow? A 26 page lift the flap book for preschoolers featuring a simple message, other activities to do with kids to help raise healthy eaters and even a recipe! Read my review here.


what-if-vegWhat if Vegetables Were People? (AUD$25.00)

“What If Vegetables Were People?” was written to build kids’ awareness and create fun, positive associations with vegetables! We’d love to see children worldwide enjoying their veggies! It is a quirky and fun book designed to increase positive family interactions with food, the first step in the journey to liking veggies.


what-if-fruitsWhat if Fruits Were Animals? (AUD$25.00)

“What If Fruits Were Animals?” was written to build kids’ awareness and create fun, positive associations with colourful fruit and vegetables! We’d love to see children worldwide enjoying their colours!


book setBook Set (and free kids’ knife)(AUD$50.00)

The perfect present. One copy of ‘What If Vegetables Were People’ and the sequel ‘What If Fruits Were Animals’. Plus a free Foost knife! Choose from First or Next knife.

For the budding little chefs

mini-pack-e1470067379642Kids in the Kitchen – Mini Chef Pack (AUD$19.95)

A great way to get colourful kids started with family meal planning and preparation.
Ages 2+. Contains: Foost First Knife, Chef’s hat, Apron

first knifeFoost First Knife (AUD$11.95)

“Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. A safe knife for little helping hands which cuts food, not little helping fingers. By involving kids in meal preparation, they will enjoy eating a wide variety of new foods without fuss! Suitable for kids 2+,  dishwasher and sibling safe.


next KNIFEFoost Next Knife  (AUD$11.95)

For kids in the kitchen with a bit more experience, this knife cuts food, not little helping fingers. By involving kids in meal preparation, they will enjoy eating a wide variety of new foods without fuss! Ages 6+, dishwasher and sibling safe.


colourful packColourful Kids Mega Pack (AUD$64.95. Free Shipping Australia Wide!)

The essential pack for colourful and adventurous eaters. Pack contains items for food education, for getting kids’ safely in the kitchen and for the table:

1  x Foost First Knife (if you would like a Next knife please write in comments)

1 x non-woven, washable apron and hat set (note colour if you have a preference: green, orange, yellow, black, red, purple)

1 x What If Vegetables Were People? picture book

1 x  What If Fruits Were Animals? picture book

1 x Bamboo Rainbow Plate (dishwasher safe)

Find out more ways to get kids excited about vegetables here

Parents, I have a gift for you, too! If you want to save time in the mornings, grab my FREE breakfast guide. It’s 10 kid-approved real food breakfasts that you can make-ahead of time. They’re really easy to prepare, healthy, mostly allergy-friendly, and refined sugar free. Get the guide here!


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