Raising happy and healthy eaters



Thanks for popping by to check out my blog, Little Foodie Guide.

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Hi there, I’m a mama to a little foodie and have another on the way. With almost 18 years as an early childhood professional, plus an educational background in Psychology, I have developed a deep fascination in child development. Along with my obsession with nutrition and cooking, my love of writing, and my relentless hunger for knowledge, I hope to combine all of these passions into what you’ll find here in this guide:

Inspiration and tips for raising happy and healthy eaters

Simple, fuss-free, real food recipes for the whole family

Ideas for healthy eating habits from a child development perspective

A no-nonsense approach to encouraging kids to love food

Expert opinions plus tried-and-tested tricks from other parents

I warmly welcome you to Little Foodie Guide, and look forward to raising our little foodies together!

Kara x