Raising happy and healthy eaters

Guide to Raising Little Foodies

This is your ultimate guide to raising little foodies


Changing the way we label our kids

I’m not much of a fan of labelling children ‘fussy’ or ‘picky’ eaters, and I think we need to remove that negative language from our parenting vocabulary. There are many normal developmental stages when children try to assert their own opinions about anything and everything. There are also children who genuinely have serious problems surrounding food, like the ones who have Sensory-Processing Disorder. Labelling developmentally-normal fussy eating is taking away from these kids, who actually need professional help to overcome their issues with food.

So, I like to speak positively where kids and food is concerned, and instead focus on tips and techniques for raising little foodies. We want to nurture a love of food in them. Eating, like everything else kids do, is a learning curve. We can’t expect they’ll love everything we give them straight away, so it’s our role as parents to guide them through this learning journey calmly and supportively.

How do we go about raising little foodies?

There are many simple things we can start doing right now (click on the links for loads of great tips and recipes):

1. Let them get messy


2. Encourage a love of vegetables


3. Serve your meals family-style


4. Give them healthy real food


Stay tuned for this evolving and exciting guide to raising little foodies, there is so much more to be shared with you that I know you’re going to love.

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